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Set up your event for RSVP’s or Ticketing

Customize Your Event

In addition to the “What, When, and Where” details of your event, Whoozin gives you many event setup options.
  • Set up your Event Page Preview

    • Display as much event information as you want
    • Enhance your event page by displaying images
    • Upload documents such as agendas, menus, etc.
  • Email Reminders Preview

    • Send automatic email reminders to RSVP and to remind everybody that the event date is approaching
  • Guests Preview

    • Limit the total number of people who can attend
    • Set whether people can bring guests and how many
  • Privacy with Viewing Rights Preview

    • Control who sees the guest list and how they have RSVP’d
  • Custom RSVP Questions Preview

    • Add your own customized questions which will be shown when people RSVP
  • Administrators Preview

    • Allow other people to be Whoozin administrators for your event

Invite People to Your Event

Your guests can easily RSVP from a computer or mobile device—without being required to create a Whoozin account.
  • By Invitation Method

  • By Registration Method (Sign-Up)

    • Enter the people you’re inviting
    • Whoozin sends out personalized invitation emails with an RSVP link
    • Recipients click on the link in the invitation email to RSVP or buy tickets
    • You can invite (and uninvite) people at any time
    • Share a Registration link to your Event through your email, website or social media
    • Anyone who clicks on the Registration link can easily register (sign-up) or buy tickets for your event
    • Whoozin creates a list of who has registered

Track Attendance & Responses

Whoozin keeps track of everything—the information you need is available at a glance.
  • Track Attendance Preview

    • See in real-time who’s coming, who isn’t, and who hasn’t replied, and who has bought tickets
    • Get an accurate headcount, including situations where people you invited are bringing guests
  • Comments Preview

    • View RSVP comments from the people attending
    • Chat about your event in your event’s “Comments” section
  • Notifications Preview

    • Send email updates to some or all of your guests at any time
    • Receive email notifications when others RSVP or submit comments
  • Reporting Preview

    • Create customized reports listing ticket sales, your attendees, their contact information, and answers to your customized RSVP questions

Perfect for Groups with Recurring Meetings!

Whether your group is for work, study, sport or leisure, Whoozin is the ideal way to notify people of upcoming meetings, games or events, and to track who is coming.
  • Members Preview

    • Automatically invite members of your group to each new event
    • Members can view and RSVP for any of the upcoming group events
  • Stay Organized Preview

    • Keep all your group’s events and contacts together in one place
  • Efficient Setup Preview

    • Create events for your group easily and quickly
    • Avoid repetitive setup: events inherit your group’s settings
  • Schedule Events Preview

    • Set up your entire schedule of upcoming events
    • Send automated reminders to your guests as each event date approaches
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