Track RSVPs for your Events Online

Manage the invitation-RSVP process with Whoozin. Perfect for one-off events.
Best-on-the-web for recurring meetings or games.

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Invite people and track RSVPs using Whoozin

Inviting People

Use either or both of these methods:

Invitation Method:
  • Enter or import contacts; let Whoozin email the invitations
  • Each invitation has a unique link, for that person to RSVP
Registration Method:
  • Share a link using your email, social media, website, or print
  • Anyone can use the link and register to attend
Customize your Whoozin event page

Event Page

Whoozin creates the event page for you, but you can easily
customize it to suit any kind of event.

  • Add content, images, and upload documents
  • Choose who can view the guest list
  • Tools include Add-to-Calendar and Display Map
  • Ability to receive online payments
Track RSVPs using Whoozin


  • Decide if people can reply “Maybe”
  • Specify who can bring guests, and if names are required
  • Add custom questions to the RSVP form (ex. Any food allergies?)
  • Require a breakdown as between adults and kids
  • Limit the number of people who can attend the event
    (after which an “event full” message is displayed)
  • Generate detailed reports
Send messages to your Whoozin contacts


  • Send messages to filtered lists (ex. people who replied “In”)
  • Schedule a reminder to RSVP
  • Schedule a reminder that the event date is approaching
  • Check for bounced emails
Perfect for groups with recurring events


Do you meet up with these people, either regularly or from time-to-time? Then, create a Whoozin Group to send invitations and get RSVPs.

  • Each contact can be a member or non-member:
    • Members are invited by default to each group event
    • Non-members can be invited to any event
  • Keep all your contacts and upcoming events consolidated
  • Set up a series of events to be self-initiated, with invites sent out automatically, according to your schedule of meetings, classes, or games
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