Charge Admission,  Sell Tickets Online

Whoozin has everything you need to sell tickets for your event,
including secure payment processing and bar-coded PDF tickets.

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Customize your Whoozin page and sell tickets for your event

Event Setup

  • Set a range of ticket prices
  • Choose who pays the processing fee; you or your guests.
  • Limit the number of tickets per order, or in total
  • Choose whether you require the name of each ticketholder
  • Customize the event page with images and documents
  • Is this a private event? Allow people to view the guest list
  • Add your own custom questions to the order form
Charge admission or sell tickets using Whoozin


  • Online payment is through either Paypal or Stripe. Both are secure, PCI-compliant payment processors.
  • Proceeds are deposited into your Stripe or Paypal account at time of ticket order
  • Creates bar-coded PDF tickets
    (or disable this feature if not required)
  • At-a-glance views of event headcount, sales, and revenue
  • Detailed reports (or individual lookup) by ticket number, order number, or ticketholder name
Invite people and sell event tickets using Whoozin

Inviting People

Use either or both of these methods to invite people and charge admission to the event:

Invitation Method:
  • Enter or import contacts; let Whoozin email the invitations
  • Each invitation has a unique link, for that person to respond
Registration Method:
  • Share a link using your email, social media, website, or print
  • Anyone can use the link and purchase a pass
Send messages to your Whoozin contacts


  • Send messages to filtered lists
    (such as everyone who purchased tickets)
  • Schedule a reminder to order tickets
  • Schedule a reminder that the event date is approaching
  • Check for bounced emails
Perfect for groups with recurring ticketing events


Do these people buy tickets to events, either regularly or from time-to-time? Then, create a Whoozin Group!

  • Each contact can be a member or non-member:
    • Members are invited by default to each group event
    • Non-members can be invited to any event
  • Keep all your contacts and upcoming events consolidated
  • Set up a series of events to be self-initiated, with invites sent out automatically, according to your schedule of events with admissions
Phone Whoozin Ticketing Support (Toll-Free in North America)
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