Event RSVP’s and
Ticketing Online

Send Invitations, Sell Tickets, Track RSVP’s and Collect Payments
for your Events, Games, and Meetings.

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Use Whoozin for your RSVP Events

As an organizer, you’ll love how easy Whoozin makes it for you to send out invites and to track who’s attending. Some of the many capabilities include:

  • Invite people by sharing a link to the event registration page and/or by importing a list of contacts to invite
  • Customize who can bring guests and who can view the guest list
  • Upload an image and customize information on the event page
  • Schedule reminders to RSVP and event reminders
  • Detailed reporting
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Charge Admission (and Issue Tickets)

Get all the features of our RSVP system and charge admission:

  • Accept credit cards through our PCI-compliant processors (Stripe or PayPal)
  • Online payments are deposited directly into your account
  • Allow offline payments for tickets (e.g. cheque, pay-at-the-door)
  • Select the terminology: Should your guests RSVP or Order Tickets?
  • Integrated functionality to create PDF bar-coded tickets (optional)
  • Excellent real-time ticket sales reporting
  • Low per-ticket processing fee
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Do you have a regular game (sports, cards, etc.)? Or perhaps intermittent meetings of a committee, club, professional or religious group? Create a Whoozin Group to inform people of the events and to track who will be attending.

You can assign people to Member Classes and then select which classes are invited to a particular event.

Create a Recurring Event Queue so that each of your scheduled events is activated and processed without your intervention, including:

  • Creation of the Event page
  • Sending of invitations to your guests
  • Receiving and tracking of RSVP’s
  • Sending RSVP reminders and Event reminders to guests
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