Track RSVP’s for your Events Online

Manage the Invitation-RSVP process with Whoozin.

Invite people and track RSVP's using Whoozin

Inviting People

Use either or both of these methods:

Specify your Guests:
  • Enter or import contacts; let Whoozin email the invitations
  • Each invitation has a unique link for that person to RSVP
Online Registration:
  • Share a link (with a personalized URL) by email, social media, website, or print
  • Anyone can follow the link to the Event page, and register to attend
Customize your Whoozin event page

Event Page

Whoozin provides you with an Event page- which you can easily customize to suit any kind of event.

  • Add content, images, and upload documents
  • Choose who can view the guest list
  • Tools include Add-to-Calendar and Display Map
  • Ability to receive online payments
Track RSVP's using Whoozin


  • Decide if people can reply “Maybe”
  • Specify who can bring guests, and if names are required
  • Add custom questions to the RSVP form (e.g. Any food allergies?)
  • Limit the number of people who can attend the event
  • Generate detailed reports
Send messages to your Whoozin contacts


  • Send messages to filtered lists (e.g. people who replied “In”)
  • Schedule a reminder to RSVP
  • Schedule a reminder that the event date is approaching
  • Check for bounced emails
  • Optionally, receive a notification whenever someone RSVP’s
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